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Utilize extensive civil trial background and years of managing partner experience in charge of all Personal Injury Matters including Auto, Slip & Fall, Knee & Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgeries, Work Injuries, Wrongful Death, Estates, Will Contest & Medical Malpractice

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From the Desk of Robert A Saasto, Esq.
   "I started my legal career as a personal injury trial attorney over 35 years ago by working as a defense attorney for insurance companies. I became the principal trial attorney for INA Insurance Company in Kings County Supreme Court in Brooklyn N.Y. before switching to representing solely injured plaintiffs in all types of personal injury cases involving auto accidents, slip and falls, defective premises, workers injured on the job bringing claims against third parties at fault for the accident, dog bite cases, elevators, escalators, buses, trains, medical malpractice, wrongful death. Cases involving infants and deaths required Surrogate Court proceedings which I handled, and this expanded into Estate matters, including Will contests or disputes.

At this stage in my career, a significant portion of my practice is as trial counsel to experienced personal injury lawyers who rely upon me to take the case to trial for the purpose of securing the most possible sum of money for the case, whether it be by settlement or verdict. They know I know how to prepare the case and go to trial and verdict if necessary. Insurance companies pay the most when they know that the lawyer opposing them is prepared to go to trial and verdict. I have to get more money for the client than the referring attorney can get to justify that lawyer giving up a percentage of the one third legal fee to me for my expertise.

The balance of my practice is handling personal injury cases direct from past clients or referrals. I have no billboards or TV or radio newspaper ads. Clients I represent have my personal e mail address and cell number. I am therefore selective as to the cases I handle. It does not have to be a million dollar case, but it has to be a good case and it must be significant and serious enough to make it worthwhile for the client to pursue, and for me to handle.

I encourage you to e mail or call to see if you have a personal injury case for us to consider pursuing together.​"